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Expedition Dates for 2024  TBC

These dates are provisional - however the expeditions will take place on or closely to these times, its just that flight schedules may change things a little once we get to make those bookings.  Anyone interested in additional dates for pre existing teams or wishing to Block Book a trip should contact me as soon as possible, please.

Trip 1 

Arrive Kulusuk Monday 1st July

On trip 2nd - 12th July

Return to Iceland Saturday 13th July

Trip 2

Arrive Kulusuk Monday 15th July

On trip 16th - 26th July

Return Iceland Saturday 27th July

Trip 3

Arrive Kulusuk Monday 29th July

On trip 30th - 9th August

Return Iceland Saturday 10th August

Trip 4

Arrive Kulusuk Monday 12th August

On trip 13th - 23rd August

Return to Iceland Saturday 24th August

Trip 5

Arrive Kulusuk Saturday 24th August

On Trip 25th - 4th September

Thursday 5th load container / hill day

Depart to Iceland Friday 6th September. 

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