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Dates for 2025               

Now  with 17 years  guiding in this area - we know what we're doing and the very best places to take you for a trip of a lifetime.
Now taking deposits for 2025!
I shall be in Greenland for 3 months and will be offering a range of guided expeditions during this time. 

Trip 1. 
Fly to Kulusuk 30th June
On trip 1st to 11th July
Return Iceland 11th July

Trip 2   
Advanced Watkins Trip
Fly to Kulusuk 12th July
On trip 13th - 24th July
Return Iceland 24th July

2 places left

Trip 3       Bookings taken
Fly Kulusuk 25th July
On trip 26th - 6 August
Return Iceland 6th August

Trip 4
Fly Kulusuk 7th August
On trip 8th - 19th August
Return Iceland 19th August.

Trip 5
Fly Kulusuk 20th August
On trip 21st - 1st September
Return 1st September

Trip 6 
Fly Kulusuk 2nd September
On trip 3rd - 13th September
Return 13th September.

I expect to have a couple of advanced trips which will venture "off the map", several intermediate adventures exploring well known (to me) areas and a trip aimed to provide an amazing experience for the less experienced paddler - this will include some coaching and training sessions and involve less mileage, while still accessing some amazing areas, jaw dropping camp sites and places to explore.
Visiting the ice cap, American Airbase and Ice Caves are all options if conditions allow.
August on wards gives us a good chance to see the Northern Lights. 

trip 3.JPG

The fee to join an expedition in 2025 is expected to be £ 3250.

This does not include flights.

Full details on application.

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