Sonja Ezergailis


Sonja is an experienced healthcare professional, qualified teacher and coach and has a passion for the outdoors She loves journeying by sea kayak and living from her boat as well as pitching her tent as close to the ocean as she can get, and I mean close! 

Sonja relishes in the simplicity of expedition life and spent 3 months working for Raleigh International living in a tent in the mountains of Patagonia - inspiring young people in the outdoors.


Discovering new shores from a sea kayak, sleeping under the stars and exploring wild and beautiful places is where she says she feels most free.

BC Level 2 Paddlesport Coach - canoed and sea kayaked extensively in the UK and

internationally including Finland, Norway, the Lofoten Islands, Turkey, Sardinia, Canada, the Gulf Islands, Sweden and has paddled 750k of the Sicilian coastline.


During the Summer of 2017 Sonja came out on her first expedition to the Ammassalik region and discovered East Greenland. 

This she states is the most beautiful, dramatic and inspiring location she has ever paddled in. 

Like many others, she now has the bug! Returning each summer to assist with trips.