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George is a BC UKCC Level 3 Advanced Water Endorsed Sea Kayak coach and guide, he was brought up in the south of England and now lives in the Isle of Man.

His specialty is coaching in exciting, rough, more advanced conditions, however as an all round coach and guide, he loves every aspects of the sport.

His accomplishments and experience include expeditions in a variety locations and environments, George has been involved in expeditions to Norway (Loften Isands and Tromso), Aleutian Islands, Outer Hebredies and Skye.

He has also completed various open crossings through out the British Isles and Ireland, and in his spare time likes nothing more than playing in tide races and surfing in sea and surf kayaks.

George loves leading, assisting and planning ‘new’ trips, it’s great to have him join us in Greenland  this summer.