What to Expect

This is more than just a "holiday" - this is a trip of a lifetime in a "World Class" kayaking venue.


East Greenland is special - its life in the Raw..  

There are no board walks to designated view points at UNESCO World Heritage Sights - which inevitably attract lots of tourists into the area.

Visitor numbers are comparatively few.  As you will see on your flight, other than locals, they are mainly mountaineers, hikers and your fellow paddlers.  


Guaranteed to stimulate your senses. 

Being in almost constant daylight is a pretty unique experience for most people, as is kayaking in sea ice and among huge icebergs, all with the ever present back drop of calving glaciers, Alpine mountains and the Greenland ice cap. 


This area has a unique culture and history coupled with an amazing and fragile arctic environment. In the 1930’s when Gino Watkins was exploring this area, many local people were still living in traditional turf houses, isolated and spread out along the coast.

We will explore many of these.


Life for the local Greenlandic people is hard as climate change is effecting the flow of the seasons and the pattern of hunting .

Conditions here tend to be a little more extreme than the south and west coasts as the main ocean drift bringing polar pack ice, travels south down the east coast, often closing down sea access to the settlement of  Tasiilaq for up to 6 months a year during the winter.

Depending on summer ice conditions we have the option to start and finish our trip from any of the 5 smaller communities.   ​ 

This gives us a lot of flexibility to make the most of our precious time.   Wherever we go it's always amazing and I never tire of it.

We are wild camping from the start and once underway, aim to paddle everyday.  The campsites just get more and more spectacular as the trip goes on. Average distance is about 25 km a day, so there is plenty of time to explore ancient settlements, hunt camps and take lots of photos.  This is a photographers paradise.

While here, the opportunity of climbing a hill should also not be missed.

It's not a head down go go go type trip - there is way too much to see. 

There are less than 3000 people living in this area, which is larger than the UK. 

Once on trip we are pretty much away from it all.

I've spent 20 years exploring here and now know the area better than many of the locals, so we will have the opportunity to explore remote, wild places, few folk ever venture into.  

The marine life is amazing; in the past we have encountered  Humpback, Finn, Minke and Narwhal.   



The Arctic Fox is a common sight and on very rare occasions we have seen Polar Bear.

General safety and bear protocol will be covered in detail.

Experience level

Although conditions are generally calm and settled, being in the arctic they can at times be unpredictable.

I would expect you to have done some of your own extended trips and be able to cope with F 5 winds.  Know how to adjust and pack your kayak for an expedition and be able to paddle and handle a fully loaded boat.        

Specific skills and top tips, will be covered in detail during the expedition.

Pre expedition training in the UK can be arranged if required.


If this is your first trip to the Arctic or East Coast Greenland, then joining one of my professionally lead expeditions is by far the best option for your initial adventure. 

It gives you the chance to learn and further develop skills needed to deal with some unique conditions and gives time to acclimatise to the scale of things.

You have access to some excellent equipment and benefit from my considerable experience and local knowledge gained over 20 years of exploring and running expeditions in this area. 

For those with the required background experience / interest  - ISKGA and BC Guide Modules can be undertaken during the expedition.

Expedition fee for 2021 :-       £ 2500. 

This includes boat transfers in Greenland, use of kayak, paddle, deck and PFD, group safety gear, stoves, pans and fuel.   

Not covered :- Flights to Greenland, personal insurance, food.  Any additional costs due to delays, industrial action, bad weather or missed flights.

Optional :- Tents are available, however I appreciate may folk don't like sharing, if so I strongly recommend you bring your own.

Heavily discounted freeze dried main meals can be sourced before the trip at an additional cost, saving space in your kayak - details on request. 

Discounts available on Celtic Paddles and Reedchillcheater gear for expedition members - details on request.