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The Shetland Adventure 2024

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I have paddled and guided trips in many parts of the world and although during the summer I specialise in Greenland expeditions, 

I also offer guided tours to this fantastic area where I lived for 20 yrs and know so well.

In 2001 I took the plunge and moved to these most northerly, remote, wild and rugged group of islands.

Its one of the best places I have ever paddled, trumped only by East Greenland. 

The coastline is famous for its sandy beaches, rock architecture, sea stacks, cliffs, caves, arches, and subterranean passages.

In the summer months the wildlife is second to none. 

Seals and Otters are common and pods of Orca are regularly seen.  

Larger whales such as Humpback, Sperm and Finn can also be seen if you are in the right place at the right time.  

Shetland is also famous for its bird life.  The huge Gannet colonies on Noss and Hermaness are amazing places to paddle under. 

Puffins or the "tammie norrie" nest at these locations too and are always a delight to see. 


Shetlands coast has been sculpted by a millennia of harsh seas and severe winter storms.  However it is always possible to find a great spot to paddle in shelter.  During the summer conditions can be idyllic. 

Shetland has a rich culture and Viking history.  They are in fact nearer to Bergen in Norway than Aberdeen, which is where you get the overnight ferry to Lerwick from.   

Experience Needed   -  To get the most out of the expedition you should be at Intermediate standard and be comfortable in
conditions associated with force 4/5 winds.


Trip # 1     4th  - 11th June 2024.    Full

Trip # 2     14th - 22nd June   2024.   One Place Available      

Run in collaboration with George Shaw - Sea kayaking Isle of Man.

6 day guided trip.  Max of 8 participants 


£  995.00 

(camping throughout, does not include ferry from Aberdeen, food or equipment)  Kayaks and equipment  for overseas participants can be provided at an additional charge

So, treat yourself to something rather special and join one of our small groups for an adventure. 

It won't get dark but you will need your head torch for exploring the caves.


Contact me for a chat, 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Martin               email:- 

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